Here is the map! Where do you wish to go?

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Here is the map! Where do you wish to go? Empty Here is the map! Where do you wish to go?

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Accurate, large scale maps are often constructed by wizards using divination magic to chart an area's general topography.

Regional Map 1
The following is of the group's present continental region

Arcadia - Located in the center of the region, near Athas and at the crux of the Haru Gulf, Arcadia is a massive port town through which much of the region's trade funnels.
Hades - An arm of Tiamat's empire, Hades is at near constant war with the Wolven kindgom of Aroden, much to the relief of the northern peoples.
Athens - Athens is a large Minotaur nation. With military presence along most of the northern coastlines of the Caldera Gulf, they are an important factor in protecting the less organized northern regions from Hadean incursion.
Sioux Forest - The Sioux Forest is a great woodland home to many Sylvan tribes.
Rivarra - Rivarra is the name of this fairly wealthy peninsula (the dot refers the paticular town the party began in) with a number of trading port towns.
Naru - to the far west is a large confederation of elven states.

Much of the large plains regions on either side of the Haru Gulf are largely populated by interspersed human city-states. Because humans form more independent towns than large empires. The region to the west of Haru is especially that way, while there are more large kingdoms on the east side.

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