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Ship in a Bottle - The Looming Spectre
Wondrous Item, Legendary.
A 'Ship in a Bottle' is a very rare creation, an entire ship enchanted to shrink down and fit into a magical bottle. The ship of the legendary Elven pirate captain Hiro Feng, the Looming Spectre is a ship of unparalleled value.

Both sides of the vessel have 5 cannons, one for each Draconic element, while the crow's nest has a rotating, rapid fire magic missile turret - as well as an enchanted spyglass - and the front has a large ballista.

At the back of the ship the deck raises up for the captain's wheel, like most ships do, except that the center of the wheel is a large silver mirror. Under this area is the captains office with windows looking out past the ship.
The rest of the ship includes a number of rooms:

Living quarters
-pretty much what you'd expect. Very Luxurious.
-Captain's living quarters especially great.

Captain's quartets
-office space with trinkets and trophies and a large silver mirror.

War Room
-The 'war room' as it is called is built around large meeting table of polished silver

The Tank
-Near the bottom of the ship, the Tank can hold up to 50 gallons of water. It takes in Sea-water constantly until full, and purifies up to 10 gallons each day.

The Bar
-The bar contains a number of tables and gaming tables, as well as a well stocked bar with a tap capable of transmuting up to 3 kegs of water into various alcohols each day

The Kitchen
-The Kitchen has a faucet connected to the Tank, and a magically heated stove.

The Baths
-The baths are both magically heated pools of water, as well as sinks and lavatories.

-It's really big

-Large arcane workshop with books and stuff

Engine room
- near the lower back of the ship is a room that powers both the magical propulsion, as well as the ship's wards.

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