Aristotle, the Dragon of Knowledge

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Aristotle, the Dragon of Knowledge Empty Aristotle, the Dragon of Knowledge

Post by Author on Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:37 pm

Aristotle is an ancient blue dragon (not quite one of the Elder Dragons, however) who long ago decided Knowledge was the greatest treasure, and so began a hoard of books and writings. While he cares little for mortal politics due to his age, he has less contempt for the other races, as they - especially elves - are no less intelligent than dragons, save for the limitations of their feeble lifespans. Indeed, he finds better company with scholars and wizards than most others of his kind.

He and his hoard currently reside within a great tower, south of which the capital of Alaria was built, having begun with a circle of scholars and wizards who won Aristotle's favor. The upper floors of the tower are open to the public, though the books are carefully protected by enchantment, and stealing a book is met with... vaporization (there is leniency for the thoughtless hands of children, however.

In the lower floors, underground he makes his lair, which no one can access without his permission.

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