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Significant Lore Change News Empty Significant Lore Change News

Post by Author on Mon Feb 02, 2015 3:28 am

Tiamat's empire is no longer called Hades.
Hades is the evil Lich god.
Most importantly, Tiamat is not the progenitor of Devils. To recap, the gods are created from ascended mortals when the star stones fell and granted them divine power. Hell and the Devils were around before that. Much like Eve and the elemental dragon gods, Devils represent a mysterious range of deific creatures that predate the Starfall, whose origins and details are not well known. Tiamat is often thought to be related to Devils in some way, but is fundamentally an ascended red dragon. She is still obsessed with taking over the mortal world - that is, the realm of Atlas. The Devils of hell are, much like pathfinder gods, creatures of tyranical order much like Tiamat, but don't have a big empire in Atlas or anything.

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